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8 Nigerian Footballers Who Have Gone Broke After Making Billions Of Naira During Their Career.
By on December 14th, 2022. SPORT NEWS

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8 Nigerian Footballers Who Have Gone Broke After Making Billions Of Naira During Their Career.(Number 5 Will Shock You).

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Football has become a lucrative endeavor in modern time with most footballers earning more than enough money and these include Nigerian football players.

For some Nigerian footballers, they could not invest from the huge salaries they earned before retiring from the football scene. Presently, most of these footballers are now broke.

In todays article, we will be discussing about some of the Nigerian footballers who have completely gone broke after making millions of dollars during their playing days.

No.1 Taribo West.

Taribo West happens to be one of the most successful Nigerian central-back in history. He was regarded as of the best defenders in Europe and was one of the major member of the Inter Milan squad between 1997 & 1999.

Despite playing for top teams like AC Milan, Derby County, Taribo West is said to be living in poverty as all the wealth he acquired during his playing days seems to have been washed away.

Taribo made a bad investment in his marriage and now can be seen on the streets of Lagos preaching the gospel and trying to win souls for God.

The only visible property left for Taribo West is his gigantic building in Lagos.

No.2 Femi Opabunmi.

Femi Opabunmi is most remembered for being a key player at the 2001 FIFA U-17 World Championship where he scored 3 goals against Australia winning himself a silver shoe as the second highest goal scorer in the tournament and also a bronze ball as the third best player in the tournament.

Femi captained Nigeria to get to the final where they lost to France. He went on playing for the Super Eagles making his debut against Kenya in 2002 scoring his second goal in a 3-0 win.
He also participated in the 2002 World Cup playing against England in the last group stage game becoming the youngest third player to have ever played in the World Cup.

Femi Opabunmi went further to play for some European clubs including: Shooting Stars FC, Grasshopper Zurich, Switzerland.

Unfortunately, Femi Opabunmi was forced to quit football after he lost one of his eyes. Femi survived his last month in Europe through the assistance of one of his former teammates, Peter Osaze Odemwinge.

Femi is currently broke and he revealed during an interview that he now resides in Ibadan where he survives from the little earnings from his wife’s small business to sustain his wife and children.

No.3 Muhammed Yusuf.

Mohammed Yusuf was a former Eyimba FC defender. He was among the list of the first 11 of the Super Eagles list during the days of Late Stephen Keshi.

Yusuf was regarded as one of the best centre-back in Europe, Asia and North America. He played at a club in Sudan in 2010 and that was his last appearance in the football scene.

Nevertheless, the talented defender suffered a critical injury in 2010 during AFCON and since then, it was reported that he has been rehabilitating.
Yusuf spent all his money in his treatment and he is now living in abject poverty.

Reports has it that Muhammed Yusuf presently resides in Kano and has been abandoned by the Nigerian Football Federation authorities.

No.4 Chikelue Iloenyosi.

Chikelue Iloenyosi is a Super Eagles player who was able to accomplished little with the senior national team.

He has however made a career playing football and it was quite a profitable one. He was among the U-20 that appeared for Nigeria in the W Championship in 1999.

Chikelue Iloenyosi is well-known for his marriage to a Nollywood actress, Stephanie Okereke. His marriage was ended by the Lagos State high court after it was realized that he was legally married to another lady in United States.
However, after making millions while playing in Turkey, Australia and Saudi Arabia, he is currently not doing well financially after losing all his fortunes due to some contracts that went wrong.

No.5 Wilson Oruma.

Wilson Oruma was a former Super Eagles midfielder for about 6 years. Oruma went completely broke after making huge money from his career. He was reported to be suffering from mental illness after being heavily defrauded by a Lagos based pastor on fake oil business.

Wilson Oruma who captained the Nigerian U-17 team to win the 1993 World Cup in Japan played for Olympic De Merseille and some clubs in Switzerland and also Gabala FC in Greece.

He made millions of dollars in during his career and was even announced as one of the wealthiest player many years back. Although, he was a talented player, he played with a well-known Nigerian footballer, Jay Jay Okocha.

Wilson Oruma later regained his mental stability but has been struggling to overcome the financial crisis that befell him after being duped.

No.6 Celestine Babayaro.

No.7 Victor Agali.

No.8 Ifeanyi Udeze.

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