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Bride-to-be found out her wedding was cancelled through Facebook after spending £4,250 on venue
By on March 15th, 2022. NEWS

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A bride has revealed how she found out on Facebook that her wedding was canceled rather than face to face or on phone despite spending a huge sum on paying for the venue ..

Jade White a 29-year-old, from Atherton, Greater Manchester, says she booked the Park Hall Hotel in Charnock Richard after searching the country for the perfect location for her wedding.

Car saleswoman Jade and mechanic Adam, who are parents to children Lola, four, and Joel, nine months, first booked their wedding in 2018, for a date in July 2020.

The couple were desperate to tie the knot to celebrate their relationship so she could take Adam’s surname – and have the same name as their children.

But then Covid hit in 2020, forcing her to reschedule twice before she was dealt a final blow in February 2021 when she went on Facebook.

The mum-of-two looked on the venue’s Facebook page and spotted posts announcing the hotel had shut and weddings were cancelled.

Jade says she even picked a dress to match the style of the hotel.

She says she made attempts to speak to the management of the event center, but weeks later, she has not gotten any response.

She says she and fiancé Adam Flitcroft, 30, have no idea if they will get her £4,250 reimbursed .

Jade says: ‘Apparently it shut its doors – I didn’t hear a thing until I went on the hotel’s Facebook page.’

“The worst thing is that everything for the wedding was ready to go – the outfits and rings were bought, the cake was ordered, the decorations were purchased, and the invitations were sent.

‘Adam and I travelled all around the country to find the perfect venue and it had been booked for four years – we even took out a loan to cover the costs,’ says Jade.

‘When I found out, I was absolutely devastated. Who knows if we’ll ever get our money back – and I have no idea how to tell all our guests that there’s no wedding after all.’

 ‘As soon as we stepped foot into that hotel four years ago, we knew it was the one.

‘I looked at my mum and we both cried because it felt so special and we had searched everywhere to find the perfect venue.’

They had juggled booking the wedding alongside a pricey house move as well as recently becoming first-time parents to daughter Lola.

To cover the wedding costs, buy a pricey house and also take care if new born daughter Lola they had to take out a £10,000 loan.

‘My first reaction was just to burst into tears,’ she says of her reaction when she heard the venue would be unavailable.

‘I was crying too much to even tell Adam what had happened – my dad had to ring him and tell him.’

‘I need to accept it’s cancelled and move on but that’s hard to do when its our money on the line and we might lose it,’ says Jade.

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