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Lady calls out her friend for accusing her of sleeping with step-father two years ago (video)
By on March 11th, 2022. NEWS

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A Nigerian lady has called out her friend who reportedly accused her of sleeping with her step-father two years ago. 

@Mz_Tosyn referenced the tweet her friend made two years ago in her call-out post.

In the tweets shared two years ago, @dejokecarew claimed that she introduced a friend to a client and this friend slept with the client’s husband. She didn’t reveal that the client was her mother, but disclosed that this friend she introduced to the client knew “she was her blood”.

I’m so hurt. I feel very bad right now! Omg

I have vowed never to get into a twitter drama or call anyone out irrespective of their bullshit. This one hit me o. Ahhh

I introduced you to a client and you went ahead and slept with her husband. Why? How? Even when the stupid man asked you out or offered you whatever he gave you why didn’t you say NO? What happened to telling me, knowing how close I am to this “client”?

I’m always in your mentions showing you love and vice versa. I call you “sis” LMFAO A friend came to me with receipts of you asking her boyfriend out, despite knowing they are together but I never believed. Yeah, I liked you that much.

I respected and admired you so much. Many young girls do. Omo!!! The “client” has known this since but she chose not to confront you. She only told me today because I was recommending your service again. LMAO

I’m not protecting you, your handle or your rep on twitter. I’m protecting my blood. You already cost her so much.

This person is not just a “client” but my blood and you know it.

Mz_Tosyn who is now calling out @dejokecarew, disclosed that it took her two years to know that the “sub” was for her. Revealing that she is now being looked at as a homewrecker, she wondered if her former friend’s stepfather mentioned her name to warrant such an allegation. 

She went on to reveal that @dejokecarew’s stepfather confessed to sleeping with a makeup artist, and she wasn’t the only makeup artist in the picture. @Mz_Tosyn further revealed that the allegation affected her brand and her former friend went on with the claim without any verification. 

It took me 2 years to know that this whole thread was my sub and a total lie about me! I’m so livid!!! I called to 2 people today and they confirmed it was my sub, Ya Allah if I actually slept with Dejoke’s step father punish me in this world and in the hereafter, if I didn’t

Nobody should dm me to stop please! My name cleared!!!

How did I sleep with someone I didn’t see? The man said “make up artist” and you ran with the name Emerald in your mouth.

Did your step dad mentioned my name @dejokecarew. Didn’t she drag my name on twitter? Should I go to NTA?

So some of you were looking at me like an home wrecker, So when I talk about polygamy her friends will be laughing at me SUBHANALLAH, YA ALLAH!!!!

You don’t understand my pain! Leave me alone! THIS IS ABOUT MY NAME!!!

People will want to do business with me and they will tell them “don’t do business with her o, she will sleep with your husband” without knowing me or verifying the gist, God will punish all of you!

The Oloriburuku man that was sleeping with every Tom Dick and Harry name wasn’t mentioned, it was my name that is everywhere.

People that are tell me to let go, do you know how it hurts? Is it your brand name? Do you know how many people that actually know about the whole like and kept telling others without verification? I was in the dark for 2 years and y’all want me to let go?

No evidence nothing! You just started spending lies about me! I’ll go as far as printing out my bank statement since 2018 to prove myself! God will not forgive you for this Dejoke and all of you that mentioned my name without verification.

I’ll continue to mention your name to Allah in all my Salat, Ramadan is coming I’ll cry to Allah to vindicate me and disgrace you and all your friends that mentioned my name. Dejoke Allah will not forgive you until you clear my name

It’s easy for y’all to say let go, my makeup business crumbled (I don’t know why), people were actually pointing fingers at me for 2 years and I didn’t even know, this ish isn’t something I’ll stomach, so let me tweet about it.

All her friends that knows me and have personal relationship with me and heard about this and messaged people or gist them that it is me without verification will not know peace too.

I’m in pain! I’m hurt and I want God to take this up. I’ll report you to everyone in the world that cares to listen @dejokecarew

If you don’t come out and clear my name or bring out authentic evidences that I slept with your stepfather @dejokecarew  Allah will not forgive you and you won’t know peace.

I’m in tears all over agin! GOD!!!! I’m always as professional as possible when I was doing make up, I don’t have any personal relationship with any of my clients husbands, I did make up for more than 6 years and this is the first and only time I’m hearing this about me. Ya Allah you know me and you will do justice

You tarnished my image on twitter, twitter is where you will come and tell them how it went down and even apologize for accusing me wrongly! My name is Oluwatosin Hidayah not makeup artist.

People need to stop listening to “don’t ask him/her” confront the person and even mention names.

Gbogbo ibi te bami je de, Olorun a bayi je koja ibe! All of you that mentioned my name (Amin)I don’t want makeup gigs, I want my name cleared ON THE FUVKING TL

You think I care about y’all? I kmow some of you will still drag your father and mother (not me) but my truth will be told and I’ll move on

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